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3 things i hate about being deaf in my right ear

being deaf at times is seriously the hardest thing on earth, I kid you not I rather fight myself at times, but today we’ll be going over the 3 things I hate about being deaf in my right ear.


3rd: people who don’t believe it

For the past 8-9 years I’ve dealt with the simple “your seriously deaf on your right can I see?” and within moments I have someone screaming or whispering into my ear, or my favourite is when they play loud music or air horns, its like yes I’m deaf on right why would i need to lie about it?

2nd: being used to walking on the left side of people

I use to walk on the left side of everyone, I loved it, but once I went deaf I had to get used to walking on the right side, and even to this day I have problems with it, it isn’t easy at all, it’s just a melting pot of “whys”.

1st: people who talk on the right side.

My friends know to be on my left side if they want me to hear them, but people who dont know or not so close to me tend to talk to me on the right side either causing me to move, go into a weird facing postion or asking them to move to my left side since im deaf, and then when people who stay on your right side and your not paying atteniton and they get pissed at you for it for some reason, its always eh, i wish i could do something about it but i cant.


So now here’s my question: are you deaf? half deaf? bad hearing? if so what are the three things you hate? if you have perfect hearing i want to know how would you feel if you were to go deaf the next day?


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