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How To Protect Your Computer

Protecting your computer is honestly the hardest thing to do but not with the way & tips im going to give you today so lets get started shall we?

First: Get Rid Of Your Antivirus Program

Programs like McAfee, AVG, Norton etc aren’t amazing, they do the bare minimum,

Norton & McAfee only popped up when my laptop or pc were fully infected, it didnt warn me nor clean anything up where as AVG only scans, when you delete your malware it stays in a tiny place in your computer so if yo uninstall avg boom, its just chilling, upon that avg’s firewall blocks seriously anything that is better for you.

Second: Download Avira

Avira is a hub with multiple security features that keeps your computer or pc secured 24/7, without messing up your daily routine and notify you when somethings up + once a virus is deleted its fully deleted, nowhere the virus can hide, using Avira is amazing just on the free version, where the pro version does a great job on making your connection fully secured so no one can view your IP address and the firewall for Avira is crazy.

Third: Restart Your Computer & Set It All Up

once you’ve downloaded Avira, you’ll need to restart your computer, from there you’ll need to go to Avira anti-virus and set up everything,

you’ll want to have your computer quick scanned every 6 hours and if you keep your computer on overnight, a full scan around 2 am, Avira will make sure everything is running smoothly and you’ll never have to worry about a virus.


why do I know this? I’ve tried it, I’ve been with Avira for 2 years now, I’ve purposely downloaded virus’s left and right, Avira has handled all but one (because avg accidentally whitelisted it so it became a conflict between the two and avg blocked Avira in the process) but Avira is efficient 99.8% of the time, you’ll just deal with the ad’s that are annoying unless you get pro.


Tips For Protecting Yourself :

  • I frown upon this but if you want the newest rap album & arent wanting to pay causing you to go to a site that has virus’s just go to
  • don’t download from sites that you aren’t sure about unless they have real reviews.
  • don’t click on images or download files from email accounts that aren’t verified or you don’t know.
  • torrents arent your friend.
  • free download of a game like forza is most likely a scam.
  • keep in eye on the sites you go on
  • if you’re getting help from a support team and they ask for access to your computer via an affiliate program, be cautious and ask why.

If you follow the tips and steps you’ll be protected from anything thrown against you, Avira is the best antivirus program out there and I’ve messed around with many over my years, I use to use Norton back on my second laptop, I had around 2.3 million viruses on it,Acer seriously couldn’t help at all simple giving us a coupon for 100$ off for a new laptop that’s how bad Norton was.

in the comments below, comment your craziest virus story and what anti-virus program you use & why?!

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash


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