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The One Saying You Should Remember

Within my life, i’ve heard you cant so many times, and well “you cant” is a word that is so embedded into everyone it’s just crazy so today we’ll be going over the one saying you should remember

That saying is “I Can”, CRAZY MOTIVATIONAL BIZWIZ RIGHT THERE PAULOS MY GOD YAS… Joking why should you remember this?

I can stand’s for everything you cant, we’ve been told “you cant” so many times without any real reason on why,  so why are we so bound to follow it right away? i mean we’re apart of a generation that questions everything, but the moment we’re told “you cant” we believe it without questioning it, i find it weird, but luckily enough i know the saying by heart, when someone says “you cant”, i say “i can” & then i do it, leaving them in shock but i have no problem with it, because all my life i’ve been told “you cant”, until i asked why, i didnt get a response so i did it and thats when i learned that 98.5% of the time you can when someone says you cant, so dont allow someone to ruin your mojo.

Remembering this will bring you confidence  when someone says the famous words of “you cant”, because in honesty if you cant get a reason for why someone says “you cant” you most likely can and they’ve just been taught the old way, we’re all our own worst enemies and hearing the words of “you cant” stops us at all costs, but dont allow anything to stop you on your quest of making your own legacy.


Of course, this is a quick post, because well i needed motivation honestly & this is one of the quotes that keeps me going, so i thought i would share but of course, i love hearing from you guys.

SO comment below on a saying or quote you know by heart that keeps you going!

Photo by Hunter Newton on Unsplash


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