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5 Things To Think About Before Your Senior Year

Of course, senior year is the year of hard work right? wrong, senior year is the year to stress over everything then decide not to do anything because of life,  so how do you deal with this lazy you/ how do you prepare yourself for senior year? well here are 5 things to think about before your senior year.

1st: Do You Want To Go To College & Do You Have The Funds For College?

College in america is a joke, but if you plan to go to college you have to know before senior year because this will determine what you’ll need to do, but leading to that question leads into the main question of “do you have the funds for college”, the funds besides getting into college is housing, food and house supplys plus your books and learning supplys, if you’re determined to go to college for 2-4years , you’ll be looking into college scholarships and seriously every way to raise the funds besides student loans, because in honesty applying for a student loan isnt the best thing to do, especially if you plan to own a house someday, but even then on a personal tip if you’re not as serious about college dont even try, if you want to make your parents proud by going to college but you really have no intentions to go then you need to break the news, it’s your life, not theirs, my mother wanted me to go to college but I sat her down one day and told her I plan not to go and rather focus on things that won’t put me in debt.

2nd: Once High School Is Over Whats The Plan?

Before senior year the question you should ask yourself is “once high school is over whats the plan”, if you have no plan you might want to start making one, your plan should be able to get started on during your senior year so you can sail to sea smoothly once high school is completely over

3rd: Have You Figured Out What You Want To Do & Are The Lessons You’re Learning Helping You Achieve What You Want To Do?

Highschool doesnt teach you much, I learned alot from my own will, so if you figured out what you want to do once highschool is over then i suggest you look at your classes, if they’re not helping in any way & you see classes that can help you, go talk to your consular and see if you can get them switched if you cant then I would say start learing from google and be determined to learn it all, because school doesnt teach you fully, just has you on repeat until they can kick you out to the real world.

4th: What Can You Do Now To Help You For After High School?

If you figured out everything & planned yourself out, now its time to ask ” what can you do now?” start your grind early so when you leave high school you can succeed, serious talk don’t wait until its too late, get to it now so once its all over you can succeed on autopilot.

5th: Is it worth it?

Your plan? college? what can you do now? is it all worth it? if so well good you’re determined, if not then you need to rethink, it has to be worth it in order for you to be determined to grind for it.


Overall, senior year should be fun, don’t stress too much, its your final year of hell unless you’re going to college than nevermind but the mean point is, figure out what you want to do now and how to achieve and get a head start before all your classmates, instead of waiting till after highschool and completely screwing yourself over.

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