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5 Things To Do Once Highschool Is Over

High school is over and the sky is blue, but what do you do? you’re now an 18-year-old who’s ready to take on the world! but how do you take over the world? wait how do you even get ready for adulthood? WAIT do you have to actually do adulting? what? You have to make my own appointments? oh lord… trust me I’ve been in your position, so here’s are the first 5 things you should do once high school is over, now if you want something deeper click here


Tell Your Crush You Like Them

Before ending high school with my classmates I made it pretty clear to everyone to clear their conscience once we walked the stage on graduation, that same night I told about 5 girls about how I felt, then the next day I had about 14 messages telling me that I was once there crush etc. , I had two big graduations, my second graduation I told one girl that I was feeling her the whole night and I totally wanted to make out with her, I mean her red lipstick was amazing guys, but HERES WHAT I REGRET I DIDNT TELL THE ONE CRUSH I HAD SINCE FRESHMEN YEAR THAT I LIKED HER, I still regret it, she’s so beautiful  & one of the most beautiful women I’ve laid my eyes on, she is one of the nicest girls you could ever meet in citrus heights.

my point is, your not in high school anymore, so don’t be scared to say what you’ve been wanting to say, if they don’t feel the same don’t even worry, you won’t have to spend every day with them.  so clear your conscience.

Grab A Checking Account + Credit Account 

YOUS 18 NOW YO, TIME TO MAKE BANK, opening a checking account is one of the most adult things you could do, but it helps you in the long run, and if you have the money go ahead and open a credit account to start building your credit or do your research on credit accounts (and checking accounts also)

having a good credit score will help you over time.


I kid you not, Highschool will keep you fit, and once you’re out of high school if you don’t take time to workout, you will lose yourself in all of that pizza, don’t do that go join a gym or download an app and workout as often as you can Overall stay active!


Your 18 now, GO EXPLORE, save up money and go travel the world, you don’t even have to travel the world you can go explore places around your city, you will find all new things you have never seen before, trust me when I was 2 weeks out of high school I was exploring the cities closet to me, I was so surprised on all the stuff I was missing out on.

Meet People

Go out and meet people, go on Instagram and dm people, tag people on twitter, I want you to go make friends because 10/10 your high school friends left you besides your second family, of course, once you leave high school you need to get out there and learn experience the world


Feature photo : Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

Those are the first 5 you should do, what do you want to do next? comment below!

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