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Tips If You Aren’t Going To College After Highschool


Have a plan

If you don’t have a plan in life atm, don’t worry you’ll always have time to figure out something, [clickToTweet tweet=”‘Short-term goals should meet your long-term goals over time’ ” quote=”short-term goals should meet your long-term goals over time”] but how do you come up with a plan that involves short & long-term goals? it depends on what you want to do in life, but don’t have a fixed plan (a plan that cannot be changed.) your plan needs to be as flexible as a UCLA Gymnastics Athlete I kid you not when I say this, so lets start with the basics and you’ll start picking up on your own details. (you’ll be using the method I made while making my plan)

Before Starting :

Step away from any distractions you will be focusing on this for 45-60  minutes

You will need :

  • 3-10 pieces of paper
  • a pen & highlighter
  • during this process, you will not cross your thoughts out, what comes to your mind stays.

Step 1: What Do You Want To Be In Life?

Crazy that this is step 1 even though you might not actually have an idea but I want you to pick out 3 careers that interest you the most, where you feel that you can bring value to yourself and the career itself & be realistic with yourself.

  • The careers I picked were: Blogger, Entrepreneur & Leader/Coach

Step 2: Within Your Three Careers Look.

With my three careers, they all had two things in common the willingness to teach & help.

I want you to take your time to look at your careers and see what they have in common as one & write it all down, don’t be scared it can be as simple as mines, it doesn’t have to fancy it just has to say what your thinking.

If what you wrote down inspires you continue to the next step, IF it doesn’t inspire you, take a moment to rethink your careers.

Step 3:  Figure Out Your Long-Term Goals (Personal)

What are your long-term goals? seriously take a moment to write them down but before you do don’t mix them, make categories like “Budget” / “Cars” / “Life” / “Careers” Etc.

Once done, take a moment to look over them, the ones that really stick out to you, highlight them, the ones that stick out are the ones that are the most important long-term goals to you (even though you might have just written a whole book), these highlighted long-term goals will help you with the making of planning your life

Step 4: Figure Out Your Short-Term Goals

With the highlighted long-term goals I want you to think about how you can achieve them over a course of 4 years.

example: If you want to buy a dog as a long-term goal but have no experience with dogs, your short-term goals should aim around getting experience & learning how to care for your dog etc.

Step 5: Look Over Your Short-Term Goals

Each short-term goal should have a time limit like 4 months or 1 year & 4 months, make it to where its reasonable for you, within looking over if you have another short-term goal in mind, add it in.

Step 6: Look It All Over

So within doing this, without realizing, you just figured out your life within an hour or two.

you have three careers that you think you will do great in

you have the reason behind why you think you will do great in your three careers

you have your long-term goals created for your life & short term goals to accomplish your long-term goals over time

you have a general idea on what you need to do in order to get to where you want to be in life.


i consider those long-term goals optional over time, because over the course of the 4 years you will be completing goals left & right, long term and short term.


It doesn’t…. I’m joking, it gives you what you really want from yourself, alongside three careers that you think you will do good in, your short-term goals are what you’re aiming for in order to achieve for what you really want in life.


Nope, its flexible, it doesn’t sound like it at all, but if anything happens you have three different careers to invest in, multiple short terms goals that can be rewritten in order to adapt to your change and your long-term goals stay intact with the addition of maybe a new one.  instead of me asking what your career long-term goals are i asked what your personal ones were, because you matter, not the career you want.


Have A Job

Money after high school is a serious matter, which means getting a job because you need to pay bills, stop depending on your parents, finding a job is a tad bit hard i admit, but you will want to pick a job that either

A. looks good on your resume or B. gives you experience within the career field you want to follow.

But i will make this very clear, if you don’t like your job, DO NOT SETTLE, take time to find a new job or figure out if you have the money for 2 months worth of bills to quit and find a new job. i worked at Staples to see how a failing business worked, [clickToTweet tweet=” I sadly settled for 3 months until I started realizing what i did, it took me 2 months after realizing  to say enough and leave, ( I didn’t quit, I left )& follow my dreams” quote=” I sadly settled for 3 months until I started realizing what i did, it took me 2 months after realizing  to say enough and leave, ( I didn’t quit, I left )& follow my dreams”] (yea, i seriously just said F Staples and left, the reason why is from dealing with harassment for the past couple months while working at Staples, they didn’t deserve my time to come in and say “hey i quit” )

Regarding to B, working at staples, i learned things that i shouldn’t have learned as just a sales associate, and how things are done at Staples completely ( corporate wise ), the only biggest thing i really miss from working at Staples is watching customers steal lol, aisle 7 in most Staples is home to where you can get away with anything.  (Staples is a shitty company overall, as long as you don’t try to learn more about the company you’ll be all good)


Make Time For Friends In College

Your friends who are in college need time away from college, so make plans with them to hang out etc, and hear the crazy stories that they been wanting to tell you, trust me its worth it.

Explore & Learn When You Can

This is the biggest tip I can give you, you need to explore & learn

explore everything in life! you’re not in college, but you should continue your education to achieve great things overtime! the more you explore life, the more you learn, the more you enjoy yourself.


If you have more questions, ask below, if you have any tips, comment below, i want to hear from you guys!

if you need more help and don’t want to publicly talk about it, head over to the contact page, i can help

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