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Best WordPress Plugin’s For Blogging WordPress

Blogging is pretty crazy, and using the wrong plugins or too many can lead to some fruity moments, from social plugins to security plugins, blogging becomes a big ol’ hassle on how to make it easy for the end user but also for yourself, so today we’ll be going over the best WordPress plugins for blogging.

Note: I’ve been blogging for a while now, the plugins I use I put my full trust in, I will be adding these plugins alongside alternatives that I’ve used before, but the ones I personally use will all be on here, no affiliate links etc.


Plugins for SEO:

SEO is best described as a way to get more viewers to your blog while opening yourself up to the world, sites like Google & Bing are major SEO engines that will allow your page to be crawled for new material to be displayed across the interwebs

  • Yoast SEO: Yoast is one of the top SEO plugins for WordPress as it helps you with creating content, to doing all the hard work for you, all you need to do is set it up and for every post put a focus keyword at the bottom
  • All-in-one SEO: all in one SEO is a great plugin going up against Yoast SEO, both doing the same job but all in one seo includes a tad bit more technical features for you to mess around with if it floats your boat

Plugin for social media:

having a good social media plugin goes a long way, I don’t use really anything but social blade so let’s talk about social blade

social blade has many features like designing your layout, picking which social networks you truly want working for you, has the feature to include your profile while someone shares and gives you a major lead in social sharing, it allows you to choose different promo images for each network, best for if you have different themes toward different networks

the main feature that social blade has that no one has is a frame breaker, what this does is stops sites from stealing a viewer to your blog by removing the iframe they have going on.

best site to use against this is bloglovin, bloglovin uses an iframe for the blog posts, so they can always keep the user checking out your blog, which usually the end user moves to the next blog after yours, with the frame breaker does is take away that chance increasing the end users time on your blog, this helps to increase the chance of them becoming a subscriber to your email list or following your blog on bloglovin which will lead to more viewers which gives you an amazing lead over many others.

Plugins for Email Subscribers

if you’re starting out MailChimp plugins are the best but over time you might be getting pissed at the prices for email sub’s

Plugins for MailChimp:

  •  MailChimp Forms: so you can include embedded forms like pop up’s without having to waste time & landing pages & more
  • MailChimp for WordPress: many themes use this plugin for embedded sign up forms that are included in the theme’s function

 Plugins for building your lists:

if you have a different site for email subscribers like constant contact here are

  • Sumome: I use to use this plugin a lot, its great for starters
  • Popups by OptinMonster: they say they’re the best but it’s you know… marketing
  • Leadpages: this is one of the best plugin’s for building your list, it gives you everything you need in a very simple manner giving you chance to learn how to become the best email list builder on earth.
  • Hustle pop up’s: its by wpmu dev, its a good plugin on its own but you need to pay 49$ a month for this plugin plus more that you really don’t need unless you have a big company so just let that be known, a lot of the plugins they have usually get out beaten by actually free app’s so it’s your choice.

For security:

security on WordPress is really just eh, there’s no way around getting hacked, but you can prevent hackers who are new from getting into your account.

I only use three plugins: ithemes, jetpackUpdraftPlus

ithemes give me the options to prevent hackers from finding areas of my blog that are compromised before the firewall catches it, it also gives me heads up on lockout’s and file changes, it also gives me the option to block IP’s and limit login attempts, I have it at 2 chances so if you don’t get it the first time, you’ll have to wait for 3 hrs for a second chance then if you mess up your second chance you will have to wait for 72hr’s ,this cuts all-new hackers right away

jetpack is used for logging into, which hackers just won’t have so its a good feature and helps prevent from getting locked out myself.

udraftplus is used for backing up my files daily so if I get hacked I can pinpoint to where it happened

Personal Experience with getting hacked, my blog lovepaulos has been hacked 14 times, the first 3 on GoDaddy which they took care of right away for me, the next 10 times all with Hostgator, Hostgator is the easiest site to hack and grab peoples information, Hostgator has the worse security and once you bring up a problem they purposely will try to sell you security for 39$-50$ dollars a month, which doesn’t do anything, trust me Hostgator is just a bad service, my last contact with them was when 4 of my sites alongside 2,000 sites got hacked all within 2hr’s , Hostgator tried covering this up by saying there is no way it’s their fault, for an hour I was trying to tell them how it happened, what they need to do and how to help customers since the hack wasn’t from a plugin or theme problems but rather from the server hosting my site, instead of listening or helping, they decided that trying to sell me services was the best way to go, I left Hostgator after that. my last hack came from me not  updating an account I wasn’t using on ipage which I took care of the hack wasn’t as bad just a few lines of text needing to be removed and the great part was ipage notified me right away and told me to contact support if I can’t do, I did it of course but I purposely put it in a dummy file just to see if they would truly do it, and within 20mins of chatting with a tech, it was all removed, he organized all my files and on top of that gave me screenshots on how are sites were doing on his end and tips on how to prevent what happened.

Plugins for contacting :

ninja forms is honestly the one to use, many plugins use contact form 7 but if you’re looking for the best contact plugin on the market ninja form is the plugin to go for


Plugins that don’t have a place but are crazy good :

Upload Max File Size: if you ever get stuck when uploading photos because your hosting provider isn’t giving you much MB, use this plugin

Responsive Lightbox & Gallery: this is a gem of a plugin, it gives your viewers the opportunity to click on your photo and for it to pop out so they can view it without you having to do a full-size photo or doing an external link which many fashion blogger should have but don’t.

WP GDPR Compliance: if you have viewers from all over the world you will need to abide by GDPR laws which will allow you to continue affiliate marketing on the safe side, this also is helpful to keeping everyone in check so you never have any issues with other countries laws etc.

WP Instagram Widget: show off your Instagram feed like a boss

Redirection: good for when you delete a post, it will automatically direct to your main page in hopes to keep the end user visiting your site

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP): this is for tracking the behavior of your end users, AND ITS FREE, DONT GET THE OTHER PLUGIN THAT GIVES YOU THE SAME FEATURES BUT YOU HAVE TO PAY, IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode: Good for when you’re restarting your blog like I did or updating your blog

Charitable: good if you plan to take donations for coffee or anything honestly, but if your new don’t use charitable right away

Disqus for WordPress: the best platform for you and your end user for comments, as you can gain more viewers to due to building more seo Opportunites

Download Attachments: if you plan to have free products for people to download, use this, it creates a redirect link or a box for your end user to click on and download your stuff directly from your site

Block AdBlock: what block Adblock does is create codes for your ad’s causing ad block plugins to not declare it an ad, this works best for increasing ad revenue , it also has a tracker for you to use via google analytics, but always remember that Adblock plugins and add on’s update faster than WordPress plugin’s, so its a hit and miss but from A/B testing on my own site, around 25% of my users use adblocker’s, and the success rate for block adblock was 62%, meaning around 15-16% of my adblock users were still seeing my ad’s no matter what they did, block adblock works well with advance ad’s also!

Advanced Ads: what advance ad does is rotate multiple ad’s meaning you can open up your ad space to multiple sites and Adsense, doing this increases your income, helps A/B testing and overall puts you in charge of what ads are being displayed, it works great for affiliate marketing!


I hope you guys end up using some of these plugins they’re all great! but here’s my question for you!

What plugin is your best friend for your WordPress blog?

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