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How To Be More Productive

We all want to be more productive, but also end up on youtube watching some video on why the world is changing & how you can stop it but then you end up 8 hours in realizing you just wasted your whole day,  luckily enough I’m here to steer you back in the right direction on how to be more productive so lets forget youtube for a few minutes.

I’ve spent a lot of my time reading on how to be more productive.. which serious is 36% of careergirldaily post ‘s which I never learn anything besides how amazing their book is for planning, which kills the idea since its really just a shameless plug.. but that’s most of there posts anyhow (SALT INCLUDED) , what I learned about being productive from my own years on earth is how you plan it all out, so lets get you to be more productive!


Understanding Planning

planning is a major part of becoming more productive, but I think many tend to over plan themselves or believe that there aren’t enough hours in the day, the biggest secret I’m going to tell you is you can wake up at 5 am or 5 pm, you still can be a workhorse with no adjuments, but when it comes to planning there is two different ways “in-depth” planning and “simple” planning

In-depth planning

in-depth planning is when you plan out your short goals ahead of the main goal, it gives you exactly everything you need to do , step by step  which all leads up to your main goal, in-depth planning works best when working on group projects, big personal projects, cooking, or for a busy mom whos her own #BOSS, in-depth planning can be hell also because trust me, what you plan will never go the way you thought it would.

The main app I use for in-depth planning & planning, in general, is todoist, todoist compared to many other planning apps is on top, like #1, I’ve been with todoist for 3 years, it gives you a simple layout and allows you to go crazy.

for in-depth planning here are some tips :

  • don’t overdo it
  • make sure its simple to you, it shouldn’t be long, it should just be simple
  • in-depth planning is honestly anything like grocery shopping
  • always remember that within these short-term goals they’re leading to the main goal.
  • if you mix your planning for the day I always say make sure whatever you’re in-depth planning for is right in the middle before 3 pm, as your productivity will default, doing it this way will keep you going
  • In-depth planning is a great way to finish out complicated goals for the day also



Simple Planning

Simple planning is as simple as it sounds, like adding homework to your calendar, simple planning takes in one task that doesn’t truly need to be step by step & just gives it a time frame, simple planning is best used whenever you’re using a calendar, calendar app, notebook for dates or any planning app, mixing simple planning and in-depth planning is really fun and makes the day go by way quicker, I use google calendar but calendar app’s like teamweek (from the vanity fair videos “What John Cena Does In a Day“)  are also available.

Tips for simple planning :

  • simple planning should be simple, nothing complicated just easy stuff that can be said within 4-5 words
  • get use to checking your calendar everyday until the routine for simple planning is part of you
  • adding food to your calendar will always give you a motivation to your day
  • you can over plan with simple planning really quick so just remember you should be able to see your whole day in a month view setting
  • always make sure you’re matching your calendar, overlook your calendar once a week just to make sure everything is up to date



Now that we got the planning all down we can now get to how to make you more productive 

Step 1: Removing your phone from the routine

If you truly don’t need your phone just put it in your pocket or somewhere far and focus on getting your work done, doing this increases your productivity because you don’t have a distraction

Step 2: The first two hours

The first two hours of your workday are what will make the rest of the day a success or failure, so when you look at your calendar or planning app, pick 2 easy tasks and 1 medium- hard task, and complete them, the reason why is because it will set your mentality for the day to complete everything on your list and more.

Step 3: The hours leading up to 3pm

3 pm is when your productivity defaults no matter what, the idea has always been to take on the hardest task before 3 pm but then once 3 pm hits you default and you don’t really become more productive as you once were, this sucks for many but here’s a big secret, the hardest task you have in your day, start the task 30mins before 3 pm, because once 3 pm hits you will default then 10mins later go back to the productivity you were at, this does a lot it keeps you going while not fully killing your day, this is one of my biggest weapons on a heavy work day.

Step 4: The hours leading up to 6 pm

By now, you should have completed 90% of your day if not done already but usually, if you wake up around 7am-9am your day starts to slow down around 6 pm it’s just normal, you will see that most of your day is fully complete now you just have to finish strong.

Side note: I use to be a major guy on night runs and getting a lot done, I still am most nights but only toward task’s that are side hustles, if you’re someone who likes to work past 12 am I would say just try to get sleep before 3 am since it leads to the next step

Step 5: Enjoy time off, rest & repeat

I try to finish out everything by 7 pm, so I can cook dinner and enjoy my night, I usually go to sleep around 12am-1am which leads to me waking up around 7-8am, this is for weekdays, of course, Saturday and Sunday I honestly sleep whenever

having time to enjoy your day is a major part of being more productive because it makes you want to get stuff done quicker, its like a big reward that you get every night no matter what, so always remember, have a time where you end the day to enjoy your day.


This leads to changing your mentality when it comes to your life, making you a better person over time, getting stuff done nonstop as the workhorse you already are, don’t worry about not being able to do one tiny task in the day, you can easily do it tomorrow,  becoming more productive takes time like anything else, so don’t rush just allow yourself to get used to it over time and you will!

I also have a post on a bunch of tips to be more productive, if you want to check that out go ahead, I also have a post on changing your mentality that you can check out.

My question to you is this: WHY do you want to be more productive?

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