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How to change your mentality to become a better you

Your mentality dictates what you achieve in life, the biggest example would have to be dwanye “the rock” johnson, he went from his mentality of him being safe to having his back against the wall ready for anything, the reason for this was becuase he was on top of his world, playing football which was his dream at the time until he was cut and left with only 7 bucks in his pocket, after changing his mentally & views on the world, he became DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSON, the man who can sell out arenas & have amazing records at the post office, for me, I want everyone to become the best version of themselves but sometimes our mentailitys end up getting in the way & we can spend hours with a threpist, reading, talking to a psychologist, at the end of the day we still won’t have the answer we strive for, and well today we’ll be taking on this topic, and giving you in insight of how my mentality works at the end, all so you can prepare to possible better yourself or completely make a new better you.

Step 1: Understanding you

I hope this isn’t crazy for being step 1, you have to understand yourself, how you react to things, how happy you are, everything about you, and hell while understanding yourself, you might find things you never knew about yourself which is crazy to say but its true, example im not the jealous type, not at all, but when I tend to truly care for someone I do get a tad bit jealous of certain things, but if I wasnt honest with myself while understanding myself I would’ve never known,  with that knowlegde I get to know who I truly care for, which is a major thing, but undersstanding yourself is a major help when it comes to changing your mentality, because within understanding yourself, you begin to see how your mentality is, how it affects certain parts of your life & you being to see certain ways to change right from the jump, but dont worry this could take a month to 8 months, this isnt a fast process as we’re all still trying to figure out each and every day.

a major step in step 1 is loving yourself, YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF, and this is where sometimes it gets hard, and trust I’ve been through everyone as, but you have to practice self-love daily and not allow anyone to ruin it for you.

Step 2: What you want to become

What do you want to become? this go towards life, personal and business as your mentality will dictate how you will benefit from both, if you’re still unclear on that you gotta back a step, and figure out it, understanding yourself has everything to do with what you want to become, what you want to become will help you with the next step, because there has to be end goal of changing your mentality, with no if’s & but’s, what you want becoming is all based on who you are, what you aspire to be and what you plan to do with your life, this all comes along with understanding you have to be able to break down your wall and rebuild it, so think about it… what do you want to become?

Step 3: The changes needed

i want you to find time to seat alone, in silence and just write down what you want to change, what you want to keep and what you want to add to who are you are, in the process write down the steps you need to take in order to do this, for me when it came to changing my mentality my first step on changing it was to wake up and go for a run for 15mins every day, this lead to me changing my sleep schedule, my morning routine and overall giving me the first part of my mentailty change of being a doer, your first step doesnt have to be big, but small enough to where it takes a massive change on who you are, example only smoking 1 cigrette a day, would lead to a major change in mentailty for you and then after the next step could possible be quiting smoking, the point is, the changes needed for youself are the ones that will put your foot in the door without even trying, and if you slip you all you have to do is restart but make sure your not restarting wayyy to much.

Step 4: Reflecting

This step is the final step because its apart of the final change, reflecting, once you see a major difference I yourself, I want you to reflect about what changed was it the way you spoke? the way you walked? the way you said yes to things? write it down and reflect, because you’ve done it, at the start changing your mentality seems like the hardest thing on earth, but once your done you realize it truly isn’t, instead it was just your thoughts on it that held you back, step 4 should be taking with a victory lap with a full dose of petty, because you deserved it. the biggest thing to remember is to love yourself because that’s how you build yourself to grow, so just keep moving forward!

How my mentality works & how i maintain + improve it

My mentality is best describe as if i can do it you can do it, if i was running a mile and i broke my leg in the process, i would still get up and finish that mile because giving up is not the option to me, when im determined on something i want, i get it, my mentality is so called a doer, as i have no option not too, im going to get to point b with nothing in between, i changed my mentality to this back in 2015, the reason was because where i wanted to be in life wasnt going to work with the way i was, i use to believe that if someone asked me to move a mountain, i would tell them the reason why its impossible to move mountain and give them ways to go around the mountain, and with the line of work i wanted to do, that wasnt goint to cut, im a stragestist overall my past merntally perfectly showcased it, but trust me now  i will move that mountain if you want to me, in the process of changing my mentality, i didnt love myself as much, i tried ways to avoid my 15 mins run’s and it jsut wasnt me, until i made it me, im a hardworker, always been, but when i changed my mentailty for the line of work i wanted to persue it helped me alot, im still a stragesist but with the mentality that i have now im able to double my work load, help 4 people i the process all while planning tomorrow outfit for myself, i think my greatest moment in reflecting was releasing how much i came from not loving myself to loving myself.

I always improve my mentality and maintain my mental state but here’s a list of how I do it

  • I always stop working after 9 unless I’m working on a side business
  • I always do what I love, nothing in between if I don’t love it, best believe I’m  not doing it
  • I take time out of my day to read, blogs, books whatever I can find
  • I play games, seriously it’s easy lol
  • I take Saturday off and just enjoy the day
  • I wake up & head right to the gym three days week, no shower, same joggers and champion hoodie, different shorts, and shirts, with my teeth brushed, don’t expect me to be smelling nice or anything in there to destroy & conquer not make peace deals.
  • always have time for my loved one, best believe you text me, I’ll reply as fast as I can, doesn’t if I’m at work, dying or getting robbed, I put the people I love first
  • always have time for Molly, when my dog wants to play, we play, no excuses.
  • I have a diary, I write in it when I need too
  • why don’t you by Cleo Sol, it’s my self-love song

and well that’s all, so here’s my question to you

What is your mentality? Do you want to improve it? or change it?

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