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How to create evergreen content

in my own personal belief, i think that every blogger needs evergreen content, content that will always be around with minor updates over the years and can bring massive traffic to your blog over time possible bringing you more email subscribers, brand deals and new ideas, all while making a sweet easy blog post that can go untouched for years on end, but the question how do you make evergreen content? and that’s what here to answer in this blog post!

What is evergreen content?

evergreen content is content that can be published and be relevant to new readers for years to come without drying up, biggest example of an evergreen content post is “How to blog”, everyone will search this up at some point, so blog posts regarding the topic of how to blog will always be relevant, evergreen content is purely content that will stay relevant past a 2-3 years without updates unless truly needed

How evergreen content works for you?

the reason why I personally believe every blogger needs evergreen content is to help bring more people into your style of blogging, or per say your atmosphere, this is what evergreen content does and if you do evergreen content correctly you will begin to see a major increase in your blog engagement & views, evergreen content can be your best friend or worst enemy, evergreen content is a serious topic to look into & get right into, of course if you’re beginning a new blog, evergreen content and a good marketing strategy can bring you into a big email audience in under a year, which is major to many people, if you utilize the right volume of your blog and evergreen content you will be on top of the world in no time!

Evergreen content examples

  • how to blog
  • how to make money
  • top 5 Kendall Jenner outfits
  • how to become a better you
  • product reviews

What to do when creating evergreen content

evergreen content is a tough post to make if its your first time but after your first try it becomes pretty easy

STEP 1: Choosing your content

I personally would say before you create an evergreen post, first overlook all your posts, you want this evergreen post to relate to your blog more than anything else, by doing this you can create a post that involves your other blog posts, this will guide the end user to more of your blog, it becomes a tad bit difficult if you’re in the fashion niche but can be done. the best to think of creating evergreen content is by seeing what works with your blog.

STEP 2: Starting your evergreen content

please keep in mind that if its not a how-to type post,  you will need to keep your blog post at 600 to 750 words, if its a how to type post its best to be in the range of 700 to 1200 words, SHORT POSTS work amazing for evergreen content but will gear the end user to leave your site so avoid creating anything under 550 words, before you dive in to make sure you figure out what you want your evergreen content to do, do you want it to bring in more people, more email subscribers, or more ad revenue, you should remember SEO is important in evergreen content, you have to pick relevant from the jump nothing in between unless you’re crazy and you think it’ll work!

STEP 3: Rereading & thinking

evergreen content should be considered pretty good from the god, the best evergreen content posts have information packed into it, and if you’re a fashion blogger this means that you have your affiliate links ready at hand, you should overlook your content, make sure everything is great to you, make sure not too many mistakes and overall it fits into your blog, here are good and bad examples:

Good examples :
  • a fashion blogger writing “top 5 Kendall Jenner outfits you can steal”
  • a lifestyle blog that teaches you how to blog writing “How to create evergreen content”
  • a fitness blogger writing ” how to get stronger in 12 days (Free PDF)
Bad Example :
  • a fitness blogger whos niche is strictly fitness writing a post on “how jake paul made 500000 dollars”
  • a lifestyle blogger whos main niche is cooking writing a post on real estate
  • a fashion blogger whos niche is fashion writing a post on how to make tacos

always keep in mind that evergreen content is mainly a way to build your seo, people coming to your blog & an increase in ad revenue


evergreen content is a crazy but an amazing way to bring more people to your blog, and I kid you not it will help you in your dreams of creating a blog that people can relate too, you’ll be able to bring new people in & introduce them to who you are & your dreams & that to me is the biggest benefit to creating evergreen content,  if you need more help with your blog check out my archive for blogging!

QOTD: Will you be trying out evergreen content? if so what will you name the post?


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