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How to grab your own email domain

Having an email for possible business inquires is a major priority when it comes to running a business, it will help you bring upon new clients, new inquiries & more funds to your business & personal bank account, but the question is how do you go about it? how do you achieve the most out of your business? by using a regular email account? well, that might work, but have you ever thought of having your own email domain? doing this will bring a rise in business & major benefits in other factors of the internet + you control how it all works, and that’s what we’ll be going over today!


My own email domain?

YAS, your own email domain, example i have my own (, having your own email domain will bring in major cool factors but also bring in more business for yourself, most hosting providers will give you a free trial of their own email services regarding your own domain for a certain amount that doesn’t really benefit you (sorry GoDaddy), this becomes more of problem when you search up domain email providers, usually you’ll end up searching on google which will lead you to googles own email provider which will set you back a hefty fee and a lot of questions, which is best for bigger companies, but I’m guessing your not a big company, so how do you achieve your own email domain? and the answer is Zoho.

Whats Zoho?

Zoho is an email hosting platform that provides many features for businesses and personal accounts, it mostly driven toward the keyword of “simple”,  going with personal email accounts will give a at the end ( which isn’t cool, its the business part that is, having a business account gives you multiple features like marketing & finance keeping but also the main reason we’re all here your own email domain like my own, the great part about this is, its free for your first 5gb’s of usage, which is where my Gmail sets at the moment which 250k emails just sitting.. I should really get that checked out when I think about it BUT THAT MEANS YOU CAN HAVE YOUR OWN EMAIL DOMAIN FOR FREE, NO CRAZY COSTS AND NO TRIALS. and if you want to upgrade its only 3 to 6 dollars a month, beating around 90% of the competition when it comes to usefulness & pricing!

Okay sounds sweet, What do i need?

Here’s a list of what you need

  • your own domain
    • GoDaddy is the cheapest for domains ( always a discount with honey)
    • ipage is best if you plan to blog @ 7.99 a month
    • fastcomet is best if you full range on your domain @ 13.99 but free if you get hosting (most do this)
  • access to your DNS (this is how we’ll get everything to work)
  • 10-20 mins of free time & a smile! (seriously it’s not hard)

Now let’s begin!

Step 1: Signing up for Zoho

Step 2: Follow the steps of choosing your hosting provider

Usually, this will help you find where you DNS is. but if you already found it, noworrys it leads to the next steps

Step 3: Verify you own the domain

Zoho will ask you to go into your DNS & add a cname, they will give you the code, all you have to do is go to the drop-down menus for your DNS and find name alis & add your codes, once done head back to Zoho and click on proceed to verify

Step 4: Creating your main account & skipping the next part of the Zoho step by step guide

When creating your main account i would suggest you put your name, it will make it easier for your log in the part after doing this is add people, which I will say avoid until after you’re done because its not quick at all, after adding people it will be creating groups, skip this too its also not quick

Step 5: Configuring your email delivery and replys

Zoho will give you the task to go to your DNS records and find your MX records and add codes to it, you should have there first, don’t delete the ones there, unless they have a different point to direction like, if so delete them and add your codes, with a priority of 10 & 20 & 50 ( it will tell you )

Step 6: Deciding if you need SPF & DKIM

SPF & DKIM are used for spam tests, which will help you pass any test, but if you’re not using Zoho to send 200 to 20000 emails with the same text but rather a service like MailChimp or constant contact you’ll be okay since most Email marketing companies already have spf or dkim installed and ready for use, also dkim helps when multiple people start flagging content sent directly from your Zoho as spam.

Step 7: Testing your email out to make sure it works

This step is major, I got stuck my very first time for not doing this, all you do is use your new email domain and email your personal email account & see if it sends, if it does then reply back to it, if you get a response in your business email, but if it doesn’t just recheck your MX records, usually the main cause is because of the third number being 50 , I would suggest taking it off and trying.

Step 8: Adding people and groups

Once you’re in your next email, you’ll need to head to your control panel

  • click on your profile (top right)
  • then click control panel


  • click on the tab “user details”
    • on the top right you’ll see add user
    • you will need to enter first & last name, an email you want them to have (better to use the first name) and the password (make a random password & remember it use LastPass if needed) at the bottom you will see “Force user to change password during the first login.” click that so then whoever you’re adding can use there own password in the future


groups are a way to add yourself and a bunch of people into different sectors of your email and business
you can keep people in your support group, directly in the support group, add managers to there own little group the whole nine yards (seriously you can go wild)
this works for when wanting to create different emails for your company
emails I have for a side business
the possibilities are endless and give you an upper edge
also, you have the possibility to add moderators to each group to overlook each email being sent out by your staff


  • Go to your group tab
  • click on add group
  • on the right, you’ll see “Add members”
    • if your the only person or you have a small team and you want everyone to join just click on “add all users of org”
    • if you have a big company choose the names of each person will be in each group
  • from there you’ll need to go to “Advanced” & click on these two boxes in “Email Delivery and Permissions”
    • also, overlook the rest of the settings to see what’s needed.
  • once done head back to your inbox, create new mail & make sure you see all the groups you created in your form section



  • business social accounts can have there own email groups like or
  • you can bag a lot more replies from major companies just because of your email, so go ahead try it
  • download the app for Zoho to stay on top of everything
  • mixing your email marketing client into the mix works amazingly
  • I mostly use inbox, but Zoho has a massive arsenal ready to use whenever you need it!
  • when emailing people always double check your “from” box, just in case you clicked on the wrong group
  • take time to understand Zoho so you can be on top of your game
  • zoho has an amazing chat support that is always there to help

I’ve been using Zoho since 2016, for multiple businesses and they’re the only email hosting provider that I choose when helping other companies since its all simple, Zoho is an underrated email provider, so make sure you get on the Zoho train before everyone else does!

if you need any help just contact me @ with the line of “need help with Zoho” & I’ll get back to you as fast as I can!

QOTD: Will you be trying out getting your own email domain, if so why & if not, why not?



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