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Meet Molly

in the process of going into full-time work I stumbled upon becoming a parent of a beautiful 100% American pitbull girl, named Molly & i realized that in the world of news & many people being scared of a pit bull of any breed, so I thought I would dive into the world of talking about pit bulls &  bring a tad bit more of me into my posts.

Who is Molly

Molly is this beautiful American pitbull who loves to cuddle, very protective over her humans and is very playful, she just turned 4 since her birthday is on September 20th! upon that she is a big talker, she will talk all day if you let her too, she isn’t the best when it comes to dogs younger or smaller than her but every once in a while a husky puppy comes around and she just wants to take him home, Molly plays rough & wild but if you show her a bottle of water she’ll become a big scaredy cat, where her nails grow quickly and her coat stays extra shiny shes overall a big part in my family.

When Molly First Joined The Family

her coat wasn’t as shiny, she was happy but nervous, coming from staying in and out of houses for 3 nights, she was eating dog food she didn’t like, it was all a process but she grew quickly to her surroundings, over the next three months i worked on getting her used to walking without pulling, searching the house when needed and overall protecting the family, within that i was working on getting her coat are shiny while figuring out what type of food she enjoyed, we went through 3 different brands until I started to see she highly loved blue wilderness salmon, she was all for it and that’s when I also learned she was a big salmon girl, if she smells salmon she’ll get really happy wanting to eat, but of course I made sure didn’t eat too much, but once the three months passed she had an amazing coat, crazy strength everywhere and was still wanting to lick the living hell out of peoples hands lol.

How Molly Is Doing Now?

molly is a crazy dog lol, she has grown more muscle, her coat is amazing, she’s still learning how to eat and keep it in the bowl, she has been dealing with hip problems as of late but keeping on top of it is keeping her jumping all over the place, she still has a major love for salmon & I wake up at 7:40 am every day because she wants to get on the bed and sleep with me if she wasn’t already on the bed, & I can tell you, I think having a child is way easier than dealing with molly most days but she’s my baby and shes just one big lover!

Do you have a pet? what is your pet like? like molly maybe?

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